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Agribusiness Careers - Students giving a presentation

Career Opportunities

Our quality Master of Science degree in Agribusiness Economics launches exciting careers in farm management, commodity marketing, pricing, finance, land use, foreign trade, natural resources, agricultural and rural policy, and economic development.

Graduates from our program are empowered with the new found capacity to understand and apply decision-making tools to help troubleshoot and possibly solve problems at farms, agribusiness firms and governmental agencies. They harness their education in making solid, day-to-day operational choices and are highly involved in research, planning and matters of policy.

Typical jobs include decision-making positions on farms, with farm supply firms (e.g. feed, chemicals, machinery), in marketing firms (e.g. commodity brokers, livestock markets, grain elevators), and with private and public organizations providing services (e.g. farm management, finance, insurance, education, extension) to farms, agribusiness and the rural sector.

Sample job titles include:

  • Farm management specialist for agricultural extension
  • Agricultural policy specialist for public organization
  • Farm manager
  • Farm bureau executive
  • Grain merchandiser
  • Commodity trader
  • International and domestic grain trader
  • Price / risk manager in commodity marketing firm
  • Dairy economist at USDA
  • Market analyst at agricultural firm
  • Agricultural bank manager
  • Portfolio manager at agricultural investments firm
  • Credit analyst
  • Insurance underwriter
  • Policy analyst
  • Agricultural market advisor
  • Sales manager with chemical, seed, feed and fertilizer company
  • Renewable energy analyst
  • Logistics manager at food processing firm
  • Food company manager
  • Commercial buyer for food conglomerate