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Welcome From The Chair

James ZaczekWelcome to the web site for the Department of Forestry at Southern Illinois University Carbondale. If you have an interest in making a difference in the sustainable management of our natural resources, if you want to work outdoors, and if you want to work with interesting people, then I believe this department is for you.

We have an outstanding location for a program in forestry. We are located near a national forest, several fish and wildlife refuges, several state parks, and many lakes, streams and rivers.  This is in addition to our own forested areas and private lands that are available to us. We have outstanding professors who have expertise in a wide variety of forestry management, park and recreational land management, watershed management and urban forestry. This variety gives our students exposure to many areas that are important to the sustainable management of our natural resources. We are one of 50 accredited forestry programs in the United States.

So, check out the other pages on our web site, and if you think this could be your college major, or just want more information, let us know. We would like to hear from you!


James J. Zaczek,
Professor and Chair
Department of Forestry