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Animal Science

Students specializing in Animal Science have access to top-of-the-line informational, technological, laboratorical and real-world resources.

These include:

  • Advanced classroom instruction and real world hands-on research and experience with animals at the SIUC Agriculture Research and Education Laboratories
  • Extensive, state-of-the-art facilities for several species of livestock
  • University Farms, a 2,000 acre farm system that forms the core of the animal science teaching program
  • Beef Evaluation Center
  • Equine Center
  • Physiology / Metabolism Center
  • High-technology feed mill with micro-nutrient mixing and ration formulation
  • 75 brood cows, with cow-calf and feedlot operations
  • 100 crossbred sow farrow-to-finish operation
  • Approximately 50 horses representing many breeds, ages, experience levels and uses, for teaching, research and breeding purposes
  • Beginning-to-advanced levels of riding classes
  • Commercial horse breeding operations
  • Management of every aspect of the SIUC Horse Center
  • Horse care, raising, training and marketing
  • Practical animal, farm and personnel management experiences