What is Agribusiness Economics at SIU

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What is Agribusiness Economics

If your interest is economics, and your expertise is agriculture…
If you want to prove sustainable resource use saves money and protects the land…
If you understand that the wheat crop here can make a difference for a hungry child across the ocean…
You already care about agribusiness economics.

Putting it simply, it’s examining how we use resources, particularly in food, forestry and natural resource production.

But of course, agricultural and natural resource production isn’t simple.

Agribusiness economics covers the whole chain of production, with career specializations available at every step: production, policy, transportation and distribution, marketing and retail, futures and the stock market, consumer economics, rural development, imports and exports.

Economists are important for public policy and business management. The “economy” – local, state, regional, national, global or family – impacts decisions about how resources are used – where they come from, what we do to save or consume them.

Agriculture is the heart of the economy. So, agribusiness economists play a vital role in analyzing resource use and making sound decisions in matters at all levels of economy, from the family farm to the small business to the major corporation to governmental agencies.