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Cost, Financial Aid and Scholarships


A detailed description of costs related to tuition, fees, student taxes, and Residence Hall room and board are outlined on the Financial Aid website. Since costs vary each year, students should refer to this site for the most up-to-date information related to costs.

Additional Dietetic Program expenses:

  • Transportation expenses may be incurred for the following courses:
    HND 100 Careers in Dietetics
    HTA 360 Quantity Food Production
    HND 400 Senior Seminar
    HND 410 Nutrition Education
    HND 470 Medical Nutrition Therapy I
    HND 472 Medical Nutrition Therapy II
    HND 480 Community Nutrition
  • Sanitation Certification fee - $35
  • Individual course materials, i.e., presentation posters, copying costs, USB drives, etc. should be expected.
  • Membership fees recommended for the program may include:
    • The Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics  ($58/year)
    • Southern Illinois Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics ($10/year)
    • Student Nutrition Academic Council (SNAC) ($10/year or $7/semester)
    • Student Culinary Club (no cost)
  • Some transportation and meal costs and registration fees should be expected to attend professional meetings and practical experiences:
    • Dietetic Student Forum (St. Louis, MO): transportation, meal, and registration ($10)
    • Legislative Workshop(Springfield, IL): transportation, meal, and registration ($20)
  • Graduation fee - $50
  • Cap and gown rental – prices vary by year – please refer to this website for current prices.

Most internships charge an application fee. The fees will vary, but most are between $25 and $50. In addition, it will cost $55 to apply to D & D Digital, the matching process used for internship applications, and $45 for DICAS, the centralized application process (DICAS).


To apply for financial aid, one must go to the Financial Aid Office located in the Student Services building. Financial aid is usually based on need (family income), which is determined after review of one's family financial form. Financial aid comes in many forms. Some financial aid must be paid back (loans) while other aid does not have to be repaid (grants). 



SIUC has several general scholarship opportunities, which are available in the Deans' Office. Scholarship information is also available from the Financial Aid Office.

The College of Agricultural Sciences (COAS) also has the Heritage Scholarship Program, which is offered only to students enrolled in a program within the college.

Scholarships specific to dietetics majors are available for sophomores, juniors, and seniors from the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics.