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Advisement and Registration

Advisement reminders will be sent to all students through their email address. Students are responsible for scheduling at least one advisement appointment each semester with their academic adviser in order to receive the run number needed to register for classes. At this time, grades will be reviewed to ensure the minimum program requirements are being met. In the event the GPA is not meeting standards, students will likely receive a referral to support services to assist in returning GPA to standards the following semester. After this time, if the GPA still does not meet the requirements, the student will be transferred to the Nutrition for Wellness track. Please note that this is not an accredited track, therefore no Verification of Completion Form is offered. Other topics discussed during advisement include:

  • Information about scholarships, professional organizations and job openings
  • Plans for future endeavors
  • Identifying and marketing their strengths
  • Pre-professional and professional expectations
  • Professional growth and development

Students always have the option to request assignment to a specific adviser and/or to change advisers at any time. However, it is recommended to stay with one advisor to allow for consistency.


For information about self-registration, please visit

For advisement questions:
See your advisor or your college advisement unit

If you need a RUN number:
See your advisor or your college advisement unit to get your RUN

If you get a registration error message:
See your advisor or your college advisement unit for an override

If you have a Bursar hold:
Bursar's Office
Southern Illinois University
1263 Lincoln Drive | MC 4704
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618-453-2221 | F: 618-453-4677 

For other registration issues and admission questions:
Office of the Registrar
Student Services Building, Room 0251
1263 Lincoln Drive - MC 4701
SIU Carbondale
Carbondale, Illinois 62901
(618) 453-2963 | F: (618) 453-2915 

For Network ID and password issues:
Office of Information Technology
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Toll-Free: 866-718-4357

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Morris Library, 1st Floor
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Computer Store
Student Center, 1st Floor (South End)
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For Academic Calendar:

For Course Drop/Withdraw Dates:
Office of the Registrar