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Forest Hydrology

A specialization in Forest Hydrology focuses on integrating exciting, hands-on field training and classroom instruction with natural resource management in a watershed context, all the while emphasizing freshwater and forest resources.

What will I study?

Courses include watershed management, watershed management field laboratory, forest hydrology and forest soils, in addition to core courses in forest management and recreation.

Water resource electives can also be taken from a variety of departments (such as Plant and Soil Science, Geology, Zoology, Geography, and Civil Engineering) across campus.

Students also have the option of selecting an advanced course of study that will qualify them for employment as a hydrologist in a federal agency.

The SIU Carbondale undergraduate Forestry curriculum is accredited by the Society of American Foresters.

Typical degree program

Here's an example of a typical four-year undergraduate degree program in Forestry specializing in Forest Hydrology.

Career Opportunities: Where will I work?

Contact Information

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