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Career Opportunities

Our hands-on academic specialization in Soil Science [Science, General, Environmental] equips students to face a variety of challenges requiring expertise in soil.

Graduates embark on exciting soil-related careers in private industry, universities, regulatory bodies, state conservation and federal agencies, such as the Illinois/U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and the U.S. Department of Agriculture (Natural Resources Conservation Service and the state Soil-Water Conservation Service).

Job titles include:

  • Soil scientist
  • Soil conservationist
  • Soil ecologist
  • State soil and water quality specialist
  • Wetland specialist
  • Research scientist
  • Environmental technician
  • Land-use specialist
  • Natural resource manager
  • Soil chemist
  • Soil physicist
  • Conservation planner
  • County conservationist
  • Soil microbiologist
  • Landscape designers
  • Commercial greenhouse managers
  • Nursery and Garden Center managers
  • Golf course managers