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Crop, Soil & Environmental Management

Our bachelor's degree in Crop, Soil and Environmental Management helps students work masterfully with plants from both sides of the soil line. 

Discover how to expertly grow and use plants and care for the soil by understanding its biological, chemical and physical properties.

Explore the linkages between agriculture and environmental change, become an expert in the inner workings of food production systems and find out what it takes for productive and sustainable land use practices.

Learn about the processes and functions involving living organisms, soil and water in intensively managed and degraded ecosystems and how to best make use of our natural resources.

Experience exciting, hands-on opportunities to improve present and future health by employing advanced soil and crop management techniques including plant breeding and genetics, plant genomics, organic agriculture, seed science, environmental soil science, water science/irrigation, soil conservation and ecosystem management.

Our career-focused specializations include:

Our challenging academic program will prepare you to excel and help you find meaningful employment in a variety of career paths, including landscape design, commercial greenhouses, nursery and garden centers, golf courses and governmental agencies.