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Animal Science

Our career-focused bachelor's degree in Animal Science combines your interest in biology and animals with challenging classes, internships and exciting hands-on research opportunities in state-of-the-art laboratories, farms and research facilities.

Discover what it takes to launch a rewarding career in the animal industry, whether it is in veterinary medicine, animal production, feed and pharmaceutical sales and research, farm operations and ranches, feedlots, stables, kennels or government and international agencies.

Learn about the various disciplines of nutrition, reproductive physiology, biotechnology, growth and development with emphasis on beef cattle, dairy cattle, horses and swine. Other animal or cell culture systems are also used sometimes as research models.

Experience the thrill of applying scientific, genetic, physiologic and nutrition principles and seeing animal production improve.

Our game-changing specializations include:

Our courses will prepare you to excel in your future career in the animal industry and bring big things within reach.