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Career Opportunities

Our unique and demanding academic specialization in Equine Science launches a variety of exciting careers in the horse industry, ranging from managing horse breeding facilities to equine research, farriery, college instruction, breed associations, feed and pharmaceutical sales, event management, human organizations, cooperative extensions, equine massage/physical therapy and horse publications.

Our required semester-long internship at a professional horse enterprise ensures specialized management experience and industry placement.

Job titles include:

  • Horse breeding facility manager
  • Lesson stables manager
  • Race and show training stables manager
  • Horse boarding facilities manager
  • Farm manager
  • Front-office and business manager
  • Research and development executive
  • Feed and pharmaceutical salesperson
  • Breed associations representative
  • Computerized equine educational programming executive
  • Junior College and 4-year college instructor
  • Equine event manager
  • Farrier
  • Horse dentist
  • Equine instructor
  • Racetrack manager
  • Equine insurance agent
  • Equine extension service agent
  • Horse jockey
  • Cinema & Horse Trainer
  • Equine massage/physical therapist
  • Veterinarian technician
  • Laboratory animal technician
  • Therapeutic riding instructor
  • Equine publications writer