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What is Equine Science- Horse and rider jumping over a fence at equine colleges

Equine Science

A specialization in Equine Science gives students the ability to gain an intimate knowledge of the horse as one integrated functioning unit and use that knowledge for the horse's benefit.

Our sophisticated, whole horsemanship approach provides instruction, demonstration and real-world hands-on experience by combining science, management, physical skills and practical horse sense.

The only four-year Bachelor of Science Equine Science program in the entire State of Illinois, ours is among the most comprehensive and applied in the country.

What will I study?

Our cutting-edge classes focus on the major areas of animal production and management, including animal health, reproduction, physiology, genetics, biotechnology, nutrition, training and riding.

Other advanced classes such as horse care and athletic development, equine business, gaits and movement, breeding and genetics, health care and rehabilitative therapies, training with respect, riding in partnership and balance and in-depth horse-business management give students a practical yet scientific foundation in Equine Science.

The expectations and responsibilities of students at the horse farm increase and get more challenging with every horse management course they take. Students perform horse-care and management duties from day one.

Basic chores are later supplemented with administration of treatments and medications, training young stock, assisting with breeding and foaling and ultimately handling stallions and starting horses under saddle.

Our on-campus study culminates with each student assigned full responsibility for the care, management and training of a subset of the SIU Carbondale horse herd.

Completion of the curriculum requires a one-semester horse industry internship.

Typical degree program

Here's an example of a typical four-year undergraduate degree program in Animal Science specializing in Equine Science.

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