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food process engineering- conveyor sorting of apples

Food and Process Engineering Technology

A specialization in Food and Process Engineering Technology focuses on industrial practices in modern food processing. Students learn how best to manage and supervise operations in the food processing industry as food processing technologists or managers.

What will I study?

Courses include a fundamental understanding of the science of food processing and preservation operations. Students also gain applied knowledge of food handling, food safety, food packaging, process automation and operations management.

Courses are designed to provide valuable, hands-on experience in modern food processing industrial practice through interactive classes including labs, projects, field trips and internships in the food industry.

Typical degree program

Here's an example of a typical four-year undergraduate degree program in Agricultural Systems specializing in Food and Process Engineering Technology.

Career Opportunities: Where will I work?

Contact Information

Feel free to contact the Coordinating Counselor for Food and Process Engineering Technology:

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