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Undergraduate Programs

Undergraduate Programs in the Agricultural Education Unit

There are several specializations offered in the Agricultural Education unit.

Students desiring to become certified to teach agriculture in junior and senior high schools will follow the curriculum plan under Agricultural Education

Since Agricultural Education majors are viewed by industry as good communicators, some students may opt to pursue a specialization in Agricultural Communications.  Students who major in Ag Communications will prepare for careers in such areas as broadcasting, public relations, advertising, photo journalism, web design, and more.

Agricultural Education majors are well-rounded in the many aspects of agriculture; including plant science, animal science, ag economics, and ag mechanics.  In keeping with this all-inclusive approach to learning, some students may opt to pursue a specialization in General Agriculture which provides maximum flexibility in designing and structuring a course of study to meet the students’ individual needs.  The successful student in the General Agriculture specialization will build a course of study that will qualify each student for his/her chosen profession.