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Teacher Resources

Teachers are welcome to check out anything from the Ag Teachers' Resource Room. Fill out a check-out form and submit it to room 154 in the Agriculture Building, then check out the items from the Resource Room in Ag room 157.

Resource Room Library

Food Science

Curriculum Resource
Food for Everyone Binder 
Food Science and Safety Book
Hungry Planet:  What the World Eats Book
Introduction to Food Science Book
It's All About the Food:  Teacher's Resource                                                             Book
Meat Evaluation Handbook Book
Nutrition:  Eating for Good Health Book
There's What Is In My Food Book
What the World Eats Book
Media Resource
Beef Packing Plant Tour DVD
Butcher DVD
Candy DVD
Canned Food DVD
Cold Cuts DVD
Eggs DVD
Fast Food Tech DVD
Good Eats Takeout Collection 2 DVD
Good Eats Takeout Collection 3 DVD
Good Eats Takeout Collection 4 DVD
Good Eats Takeout Collection 5 DVD
Good Eats Takeout Collection 6 DVD
Good Eats Takeout Collection 7 DVD
Good Eats Takeout Collection 8 DVD
Good Eats Takeout Collection 9 DVD
Good Eats Takeout Collection 10 DVD
Good Eats Takeout Collection 11 DVD
Good Eats Takeout Collection 12 DVD
Good Eats Takeout Collection 13 DVD
Good Eats Takeout Collection 14 DVD
Good Eats Takeout Collection 15 DVD
Good Eats Takeout Collection 16 DVD
Good Eats Takeout Collection 17 DVD
Good Eats Takeout Collection 18 DVD
Ice Cream DVD
Modern Marvels:  Turkey DVD
Snackfood Tech DVD
Soft Drinks DVD
Tale of Two Roasts DVD
Kits Resource
Games Resource
Food Science Bingo Game

Plant Soil / Horticulture

Curriculum Resource
Agriculture is a Science:  Soybean Agriscience Kit Binder
Art of Floral Design Binder
Biological Science Application in Agriculture Binder
Biotechnology for Plants, Animals, and the Environment:  Student Manual                Binder
Commercial Green House Book
Crop Technology Book
Delmar's Handbook of Flowers, Foliage, and Creative Design Book
Diseases of Tree Fruits in the East Magazine 
Floral Artist's Guide:  A Reference to Cut Flowers and Foliage Binder
Floral Design and Interior Landscape Management Binder
Floriculture Designing and Merchandising Binder
Greenhouse Production  Binder
Home Horticulture:  Principles and Practices Book
Horticultural Management and Supervision Book
Horticultural Science Indiana Curriculum Guide Book
Hydroponics Book
Illustrated Guide to Pruning Book
Introduction to Agronomy Book
Introduction to Plant Science:  Revised Book
Introductory Horticulture Book
Kids, Crops, & Critters in the Classroom Book
Landscape Construction Book
Landscape Design:  Theory and Application Book
Landscape Estimating and Contract Administration Book
Landscape Principles and Practices 4th Edition Book
Landscape Principles and Practices 7th Edition Book
Landscape Surveying Book
Landscaping Principles and Practices Book
Landscaping Your Home Book
Landscape Plants:  Their Identification, Culture, and Use Book
Leader Helper Guide for Vegetable Garden Curriculum Book
Math For Horticulture:  Answer Keys Book
Math For Horticulture:  Student Handbook Book
Ornamental Horticulture:  Science, Operations, and Management Book
Planting Design:  A Manual of Theory and Practice Book
Producing Quality Seed Corn Book
Shade Trees for the Central and Northern United States and Canada Book
Soil Science & Management Book
Soil Survey for Franklin and Jefferson Counties, Illinois Book
Soils of Illinois Book
Turfgrass Science & Management Book
What Do Soybeans Want to be When They Grow Up Book
Wildflowers of the Great Lakes Region Book
Media Resource
Agriscience Training Video:  Protein Providers the Superb Soybean DVD
Corn DVD
Fertilizer DVD
Floral Design DVD
Floral Design 1:  Plant Material ID DVD
Floral Design 2:  Principles and Practices CD-ROM
Floral Design Techniques CD-ROM
Growing a Nation:  The Story of American Agriculture CD-ROM
Harvesting CD-ROM
Hydroponics CD-ROM
Instructor Guide Crop Sciences Laboratory Manual CD-ROM
Landscaping Plants and Trees CD-ROM
Lawn Care Learning Lab Interactive CD-ROM CD-ROM
Plant ID Learning Lab Interactive CD-ROM CD-ROM
Plant Propagation DVD
Soil View:  Franklin County VHS
Kits Resource
Agronomy CDE Kit Kit
Corn Genetics Kit Kit
Soybean Science K-5 Kit Kit
Games Resources

Animal Science

Curriculum Resource
4-H Skills for Life:  Beef Book
4-H Skills for Life:  Dairy Cattle Binder
4-H Skills for Life:  Dairy Goats Binder
4-H Skills for Life:  Horses Binder
4-H Skills for Life:  Meat Goats Book
4-H Skills for Life:  Poultry Book
4-H Skills for Life:  Rabbits Magazine 
4-H Skills for Life:  Swine Magazine
4-H Skills for Life:  Veterinary Science Magazine
Agricultural Biotechnology:  Lesson Plans for Teachers Magazine
Animal Science Magazine
Animal Science Magazine
Animal Science Biology and Technology Magazine
Animal Science Curriculum  Magazine
Animal Welfare Magazine
Applied Animal Reproduction Binder
Aqualculture How To Manual Binder
Aqualculture Science Binder
Biotechnology for Plants, Animals, and the Environment Student Manual Binder
Canine Medicine and Disease Prevention Binder
Companion Animals in Society Binder
Endangered Species Book
Equine Science  Book
Exotic Animal Care & Management Book
Farm Animal Health and Disease Control Book
Feline Medicine and Disease Prevention Book
Fundamentals of Pharmacology for Veterinary Technicians Book
Handbook of Radiographic Positioning for Veterinary Technicians Book
Illustrated Guide to Animal Science Terminology Book
Illustrated Guide to Veterinary Medical Terminology Book
Introduction to Animal Science:  Global, Biological, Social, and Industry Perspectives  Book
Introduction to Livestock and Companion Animals Book
Introduction to Veterinary Science Book
Modern Livestock & Poultry Production Book
Pathology & Paristiology for Veterinary Technicians Book
Poultry Science Manual for National FFA CDE's Book
Poultry Science Manual for National FFA Contests Book
Reproductive Physiology of Mammals:  From Farm to Field and Beyond Book
Reproduction in Domestic Animals Book
Restraint and Handling for Veterinary Technicians and Assistants Book
Science of Animal Agriculture Book
Science of Animal Agriculture:  Lab Manual Book
Small Animal Care and Management Book
Understanding Zoonotic Diseases Book
Veterinary Anatomy and Physiology:  A Clinical Laboratory Manual Book
Veterinary Office Practices Book
Veterinary Technician's Pocket Partner Book
Wine Section Book
Media Resource
Artificial Insemination DVD
Beef Breed Identification DVD
Beef Evaluation DVD
Beef Reproduction Management DVD
Canine Medicine & Disease Prevention DVD
Cattle Ranchers DVD
Dairy Breed Identification DVD
Dairy Learning Lab Interactive  CD-ROM
Dog Learning Lab Interactive CD-ROM
Feline Medicine and Disease Management CD-ROM
Goat Interactive Learning Lab CD-ROM
Horse CD-ROM
Horse Movements and Gaits CD-ROM
Poultry Interactive Learning Lab CD-ROM
Practice Judging Livestock CD-ROM
Swine Breed Identification CD-ROM
US Fish and Wildlife Service Student Career Experience Program CD-ROM
Veterinary Science:  Teacher's Guide CD-ROM
Kits Resource
Beef Learning Laboratory  Kit
Horse Learning Laboratory  Kit
ID Pix Poultry Judging Kit
Question Quest: Livestock Judging Kit
Swine Learning Laboratory Kit
Games Resource
Animal Science Bingo Game

Ag Systems and Mechanics

Curriculum Resource
Agricultural Mechanics:  Fundamentals& Applications Binder
Agricultural Mechanization Indiana Curriculum Guide Magazine 
Electric Excitement Binder
Fantastic Farm Machines Binder
Farm Guide Binder
Farm Safety Fun Style Book
Instructor's Guide for Welding Principles and Applications                                        Book
Instructor's Guide to Small Engine Technology Book
John Deere Big Book of Tractors Book
Machine Magic Kit Book
Managing Engineering and Technology Book
Metal Fabrication Technology for Agriculture Book
Modern Welding Book
Operation, Care, and Repair of Farm Machinery Book
Physical Agriscience Kit Master Book
Physical Science Applications in Agriculture Book
Planning a Construction Project Book
Planning for Electrical Wiring Book
Sharpening Lawn Mower Blades Magazine
Surveying in Agriculture Book
Understanding Electricity Book
Welding Projects Binder
Media Resource
Concrete DVD
Electric Wiring Diagramming:  Steps & Examples DVD
Electric Wiring Hardware Identification CD-ROM
Farming Technology CD-ROM
Handtool Identification CD-ROM
Hardware and Fastener Identification CD-ROM
Lumberyard CD-ROM
Metal DVD
More Hardware DVD
Rafter Marketing DVD
Retail Cut ID DVD
Saws DVD
Tool Bench:  Hand Tools DVD
Tool Bench:  Power Tools DVD
Welding DVD
Kits Resource
Games Resource

General Science

Curriculum Resource
7th & 8th Grade Agriculture Science Curriculum Binder 
Agriscience Binder
Agriscience & Technology Binder
Agriscience & Technology: Lab Manual Binder
Agriscience Explorations Binder
Agriscience Fundamentals & Applications Book
Agriscience Fundamentals & Applications: Lab Manual Book
Bio-related Technology Book
Biological Kit Book
Biological Science Applications in Agriculture Book
Chemistry 2 Book
Cultural Anthropology Book
Exploring Agriscience Book
Introduction to BioTechnology:  An Agricultural Revolution Book
Introduction to World AgriScience and Technology Book
Modern Agriculture:  Science, Finance, Production, and Economics                                 Book
Physical Science  Book
Plants & Animals:  Biology Production Book
Science and Life Issues Book
Science and Sustainability Book
Scrambled States of America Book
Social Science Agricultural Agendas and Strategies Book
The Science of Agriculture:  A Biological Approach Book
Media Resource
Kits Resource
Games Resource

Agribusiness and Economics

Curriculum Resource
Ag Science & Business Binder
Agribusiness Decisions & Dollars  Binder
Agribusiness Decisions & Dollars: Instructor's Guide  Book
Agribusiness Fundamentals & Applications Book
Agribusiness:  An Entrepreneurial Approach Book
Agricultural Export Transportation Handbook Book
Business of Details:  Exporting High Value US Agricultural Products                            Book
Effective Selling Book
Farm Management Indiana Curriculum Guide Book
Introduction to Agricultural Accounting  Book
Introduction to Risk Management Book
Managerial Finance Book
Marketing Fundamentals Book
Mathematical Applications in Agriculture Book
Modern Management of High-Technology Enterprise Book
Professional Selling Book
Media Resource
Agribusiness in a Global Environment CD-ROM 
Agricultural Markets:  Commodities and Contracts CD-ROM
Business of Details:  Exporting High Value US Agricultural Products VHS
Kits Resource
Games Resource

Environmental Sciences

Curriculum Resource
Acres of Adventures 1  Binder
Acres of Adventures 2 Binder
Applied Environmental Science Binder
Biological Science Applications In Agriculture Book
Biotechnology for Plants, Animals, and the Environment Student Manual                   Book
Converting Land from Rural to Urban Uses Book
Earth and AgriScience Magazine 
Environmental Science & Technology Magazine
Environmental Science for Agriculture and the Life Sciences  Binder
Environmental Science for Agriculture and the Life Sciences: Lab Manual  Binder
Environmental Science:  Fundamentals and Applications Binder
Environmental Science:  Understanding Our Changing Earth Binder
Fish & Wildlife:  Principles of Zoology & Ecology Book
Forest Trees of Illinois Book
Hunting and Fishing Book
Indiana Coal Education Book
Interstat's Environmental Science Technology Book
Living in the Environment Book
Managing Our Natural Resources  Book
Managing Our Wildlife Resources Book
Nourishing the Planet in the 21st Century Book
Project Learning Tree:  Environmental Education Activity Guide Book
Project Wet Curriculum Guide Book
Project Wild Curriculum & Activity Guide Book
Science of Earth Systems Book
Teachers Guide:  The Globe Program Binder
Wildlife and Natural Resource Management Book
Media Resource
Hunting Gear DVD
Kits Resource
Biological Science Applications in Agriculture Tube Kit
Skill Builder:  Tree Management Kit
Games Resource
Fish & Wildlife Management Bingo Game
Tree Biodiversity Kit Game

Education, Communication, and Leadership

Curriculum Resource
4-H Skills for Life:  Communication Binder
Advisor's Guide to the Official FFA Student Handbook Binder
Agricultural Literacy Workbook Book
Agriculture Education Magazine Book
American Education:  A History Book
American Education:  Building A Common Foundation Book
Anticipation and Preparation:  A Teacher's Survival Guide  Book
Art of Public Speaking Binder
Art of Public Speaking:  CD-ROM Guidebook Book
Art of Public Speaking:  Media Enhanced Edition & Learning Tools Suite  Binder
Art of Public Speaking:  Student Workbook Book
Bridging Horizons Magazine 
Communicating in the Agricultural Industry Magazine
Core II Materials Magazine
Core III Materials Magazine
Core IV Materials Magazine
Developing Leadership and Communication Skills Binder
Distance Learners in Higher Education Binder
Engaging Strategies for Agriculture Classrooms Binder
Examining Controversies in Adult Education Binder
Farm in the School Teacher's Resource Guide Binder
Field Experience:  A Guide to Reflective Teaching Book
Handbook of Leadership Development Evaluation Book
How to Say It Book
Illinois Learning Standard Book
Instructional Technology for Teaching and Learning Book
Instructors and Their Jobs Book
Introduction to Middle School Book
Instructional Technology for Teaching and Learning Book
Issues, Evidence, and You Book
Leaders on the Go! Book
Leadership Personal Development and Career Success Book
M Power:  An Officer's Guide to Chapter Leadership Book
Narrative and Experience in Multicultural Education Book
Open Organizations Book
PALS Training Manual Book
Philosophy of Education Workbook Book
Profession and Practice of Adult Education Book
Promoting Harmony: Young Adolescent Development and School Practices                Book
Psychologist as Detective Book
Rethinking Our Classrooms: Teaching for Equity and Justice Book
Step Up to Leadership Book
Strategies for Great Teaching  Book
Strategies for Teaching Learners with Special Needs Book
Substitute Teacher Guide Book
Teacher Resource Guide 2008:  Educational Materials About Agriculture Book
Teacher's Resource:  It's All About the Food  Book
Ten Activity Guides Book
U-Facilitate "Understanding Facilitation" Book
Voices Service Learning Binder
Writing Instructional Objectives for Teaching and Assessment Book
Media Resource
2006 SAE Handbook DVD
2007 National CDE Questions and Answers DVD
Agricultural Communications:  The Basics CD-ROM
Ancient China:  Agriculture CD-ROM
Guide for Middle School Agricultural Science Teachers CD-ROM
Illinois Agriculture:  Innovation and Invention DVD
Kits Resource
Ag in the Classroom Tub #1 Kit
CDE Supplies Kit
Great Speeches & Presentations Kit
Question Quest:  Agricultural Sciences Kit
What Would a Leader Do? Kit
Workshop Supplies Kit
Games Resource
Bingo:  The Creed Game
Farm-opoly Game
Life on the Farm Game
Parliamentary Procedure Lights Game
Quick Cards:  The Creed Game
Quiz Bowl Lock Out System Game
Rev It Up! FFA Game
Rich Farmer Poor Farmer Game
The Farming Game  Game
The FFA Game Game

Reference and Miscellaneous

Curriculum Resource
1968 Yearbook of Agriculture Binder
1982 Yearbook of Agriculture Binder
1990 Yearbook of Agriculture Book
1991 Yearbook of Agriculture Book
1992 Yearbook of Agriculture Book
2009-10 Core Magazine 
2010 Blue Catalog Binder
2011 Gold Catalog Binder
A Hidden Treasure Binder
Arkansas, Kansas, Missouri, and Oklahoma Tourbook  Book
Be The "E" in Entrepreneurship Book
Fifty Years of Cooperative Extension Service in Indiana                                           Book
Illinois, Indiana, & Ohio Tourbook Book
Indiana Farm Bureau Resource Book
Kentucky & Tennessee Tourbook Book
Ohio Ag Science Curriculum  Book
Partnership Building Resources Book
Phone Book:  Carbondale Book
Phone Book:  Olney Book
Phone Book:  Wabash Regional  Book
SIU Undergraduate Catalog 09-10 Book
SIUC Campus Directory Book
Webster's Dictionary Book
Webster's II New College Dictionary Book
Media Resource
Catch Me If You Can DVD
Community Based Program Planning DVD
Dirty Jobs Season 1 DVD
Dirty Jobs Season 2 DVD
Dirty Jobs Season 3 DVD
Dirty Jobs Season 4 DVD
Electronic Instructional Library Lesson Plans CD-ROM
George Washington CD-ROM
Instructor's Guide for Banquet Planning CD-ROM
Kits Resource
Illinois Magic Kit Kit
K'Nex Education Kit
Lab Aids:  Kits and Modules Kit
Question Quest:  Game Board Game