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Ashlee Lambrich demo’s energized teaching skills

SIUC Teach Ag

You Are Invited!

Come to Southern and prepare for an exciting career in Agricultural Education.

Explore the opportunities that await you… from being an Ag teacher in a high school program to instructing adults in Ag Extension, Farm Bureau, or even public relations in the agriculture industry.

Study agriculture under the direction of over 60 faculty, utilizing the lab resources of a 2000-acre farm, seven greenhouses, and the Crab Orchard Wildlife Refuge.

Enjoy campus life at a university which has a unique setting. Southern Illinois University is located in the beautiful Shawnee National Forest, with wooded hills and many lakes within the city and county. Campus Lake is just across the street from the Ag Building, complete with a 2-mile hiking trail, boat house, swim beach and beach house, and fishing docks.

We invite you to explore our program on the web, as this site was designed to provide information and resources about the agricultural education major. Prospective students and parents are encouraged to contact us with your questions and interest. We look forward to personally meeting you during a campus visit!