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Website Resources for the Ag Ed Teacher

There are several websites available as resources for the Agriculture Education teacher.  We are providing some helpful links below.  And be sure to visit the resources library in the Agriculture Education Curriculum Resource Room to check-out additional resource materials. 

Illinois Sites: 

  1. https://www.agriculturaleducation.org/
  2. http://www.illinoisffa.org/
  3. https://iavat.weebly.com/
  4. https://www.agriculturaleducation.org/Ag-Ed%20Advocacy/About-FCAE
  5. http://www.agintheclassroom.org

Other useful sites:

  1. Ag resources and other materials
  2. Ag Statistics
  3. National Ag Library
  4. Swine Resource
  5. Farm Bureau Website
  6. Safety Resources
  7. Local Newspaper
  8. 4-H website
  9. IL CDE Resources
  10. Ag Literacy/Resource book
  11. Georgia Ag Ed – Lesson plans, powerpoints, games
  12. IAVAT
  13. Illinois FFA
  14. NAAE
  15. National FFA
  16. Ag teacher out of Tennessee has created a brand new website designed to gather useful tools for the ag classroom
  17. Education world (more info about Scrabble as a “bellringer” activity)
  18. Scrabble word builder tool
  19. The Economic Education Web is your portal to economic education resources in all forms and at all levels.
  20. Dairy Products Judging Guide
  21. IN 4-H/FFA Dairy Foods Contest - Coaches Guide
  22. USDA: Judging and Scoring Milk and Cheese
  23. Videos on hunting safety
  24. FREE engaging entrepreneurship online simulation game that allows students to learn about day to day functions of operating a small business
  25. web link to a horse judging manual
  26. Intro horse judging manual
  27. web link to Horse Judging Resources
  28. explore all types of American Cow’s milk cheeses from A to Z
  29. Kid Wind Project
  30. Wind Energy Curriculum for K-12
  31. The Dust Bowl on the Weather Channel You can view the entire video at this link.
  32. A great website that allows students to explore career opportunities in nursery, landscape, and garden industries.
  33. This weblink contains three practice horse judging halter classes.
  34. Horse Judging manual
  35. Horse Judging PowerPoint
  36. Online web soil survey. It is an outstanding teaching tool.
  37. Website was developed by the Illinois Farm Bureau which includes links to other websites that includes information debunking the myths about causes of the recent increase in food prices.
  38. Information about a fascinating discovery – RNAi. A fifteen minute web-based video provides a wealth of information that would fit well into a unit of instruction on genetics.
  39. Articles and information on vegetable gardening, lawn care, landscape design, flower care, etc.
  40. Oklahoma State University Horticulture Department. This is a wonderful website to learn and/or review floriculture plant identification.
  41. General Motors Website – (Alternative Energy / Agricultural Mechanics) includes K-12 lesson plans and resources on topics such as hybrid vehicles, E85, fuel cells, determining your eco-footprint, learning about the inner workings of an engine, and etc.
  42. The "Agtivity Book" was developed by a high school agriculture education teacher. It is a great resource for quick, easy, effective, and meaningful lessons you can use today!  It's free and was created by your peers.  It is recommended that you download the entire document to your desktop so that you always have access to the documents. There is a link at the top of the website to do that.