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Graduate Programs

Graduate Programs of Study at Southern Illinois University In Agricultural Education

The Agricultural Education Specialization in SIUC’s College of Agricultural Sciences is known for the quality and diversity of its program, faculty, and students. Faculty members represent a diverse set of agricultural education interests and perspectives. They are involved in a variety of state, national, and international research and development efforts. Significant scholarly work is being conducted in a number of areas and the department is widely recognized for its research programs in teaching-learning processes. Research focus areas include experiential learning, diversity in agricultural education, agricultural literacy, learning disabled in agricultural education, and leadership development.

Degrees Offered

The Agricultural Education unit offers the Master of Science in Agricultural Systems and the Doctor of Philosophy in Agricultural Sciences, each with an emphasis in Agricultural Education. Within the agricultural education specialization, students may specialize in agricultural extension education. The Master of Science (M.S.) degree has two options, thesis and nonthesis.  For all degree programs, people-oriented studies in agricultural education are combined with work in selected technical and scientific areas to prepare individuals for educational and agricultural leadership positions.

Candidates for a graduate degree must have the capability for original and creative research. Students are expected to engage in independent and/or group research under the direction of faculty members. Students should work toward intellectual independence while developing an integrated grasp of the agriculture education profession. The integration of materials from courses and research activities is a primary goal of the M.S. thesis and Ph.D. dissertation.