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Agribusiness Economics

Our bachelor’s degree in Agribusiness Economics teaches you to skillfully combine sound economic and management principles with agricultural production policy and technology. The Department of Agribusiness Economics has top of the line facilities which offers students access to cutting-edge informational, technological, laboratorical, and real-world resources.

Our Agribusiness Economics program allows students to:

  • Discover the broad socio-economic issues impacting farms, ranches, and related organizations.
  • Learn about the economic, social, environmental, managerial, and marketing issues related to agricultural commodities and products.
  • Experience exciting, hands-on opportunities for natural resource management while simultaneously improving the production and distribution of food, fiber, and biofuels.

The Department of Agribusiness Economics offers six game-changing specializations:

Our courses will take you to the edge of knowledge and help you find meaningful employment in all facets of agribusiness economics.

Curriculum and Courses

The Agribusiness Economics program requires the standard 120 credit hours for a baccalaureate degree, including meeting University Core Curriculum and the College of Agricultural Sciences’ requirements, which may be met though an approved Associate’s degree from an accredited community college.

Check out the program’s courses for an idea of what to expect.

This program offers continuous enrollment, so students may begin the program at any time. Part-time enrollment is available.

Program Costs

The cost for the Agribusiness Economics program is determined by SIU’s tuition and fee structure. Please refer to the On-Campus Tuition and Fees Calculator for additional information. Visit the SIU Financial Aid Office for information on financial aid, student employment, and costs and billing.

Some courses may require the purchase of textbooks, supplies, or other materials. Check out the Net Price Calculator for an estimate on the total cost of attendance.

Financial aid and scholarships may be available. In addition to a wide variety of University-wide scholarships,there are College-wide scholarships available.

Why our agribusiness economics program?

Our graduates find rewarding careers in agriculture, rural development, and natural resource/environmental policy.


For questions, or to request more information, please contact the Academic Advisor, Heather Pulley, at or (618) 453-2430.

Additional information

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