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Mission and Vision


The central purpose of the School is to focus on the critical issues in agriculture, food, and forestry in the region, in the State of Illinois, and especially those issues that are applicable worldwide. We achieve our purpose in teaching by designing basic, yet futuristic, degree programs that empower students to contribute globally through satisfying and productive careers. We also achieve our purpose in research and outreach by generating the knowledge and disseminating the results that will enhance the economic vitality and quality of life of the people and stakeholders we serve.


In five years, the School of Agricultural Sciences (SOAS) at Southern Illinois University Carbondale will be evolving into a focal point for addressing the major challenges related to the people and stakeholders we serve.

  • We will be a major player in improving the health and wellness of the people in Illinois by researching and providing knowledge through basic and innovative programs for almost two-thirds of the population who are obese and who have related health issues.
  • We will be investigating and providing strategic direction to positively impact the economic vitality and sustainability of the agriculture, food and forestry stakeholders we serve.
  • We will enhance and extend the natural beauty and conservation of our area through sound stewardship practices of the land, water, air, forests, and related environmental resources.

Students at all degree levels B.S., M.S. and Ph.D. will be attracted in large numbers to program majors that focus on critical issues and prepare them to be leaders in the agriculture, food, and forestry professions worldwide. And, communities and employers will seek our graduates because of their creative problem solving abilities and their strategic business management skills and for their practical application training in the agriculture, food, and forestry sciences.