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Anthony Agbeh, Ph.D.

Instructor, Animal Science Food and Nutrition

Anthony Agbeh

Office Phone: 618 | 453-2462
Building Location: Quigley Hall, Room 209-A

Agbeh is Professor Emeritus at Ferris State University. A veteran educator who has served as a professor as well as a department head. He is a founding fellow of American Hotel and Lodging Educational Foundation. He served in several industry boards and consults with business and industry on leadership, customer service, conflict resolution, time management and diversity issues. He is currently serving as the Provost Assesment Fellow for Spring 2017 in addition to his teaching responsibilites.

Special Interests

Agbeh has over 20 national conference presentations and panel discussions. He is a reviewer of annual CHRIE conference and graduate conferences. He has reviewed several textbooks in the hospitality industry curriculum and chapter text books. His specialty and interests areas include curriculum and instructions pedagogy.


  • HTA 202, Introduction to Hospitality Industry
  • HTA 371, Field Experience
  • HTA 372, Front Office Management
  • HTA 380, Hospitality and Human Resources
  • HTA 440, Hospitality Risk Management
  • HTA 461, Service Organization and Management
  • HTA 470, Facilities Management
  • HTA 473, Hotel Administration\

Descriptions are available for each of these classes in the course listing for Hospitality and Tourism Administration.


  • Ph.D., Curriculum and Instruction, Southern Illinois University
  • MS, Hospitality and Tourism, Florida International [Miami, FL]
  • BS, Hospitality and Tourism, Florida International [Miami, FL]


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  • Professor Emeritus Ferris state University
  • Fellow American Hotel & Educational Foundation.
  • Certified Hotel Administration (CHA)
  • Who is Who in  American Education
  • Who is Who in the Lodging Industry