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Animal Science, Food and Nutrition

The Department of Animal Science, Food and Nutrition offers top-notch graduate and undergraduate programs of study in the areas of Animal Science; Human Nutrition and Dietetics; and Hospitality and Tourism Administration.

Our diverse courses allow students to take a smattering of classes across the food-production-to-consumption spectrum before zeroing in on a major.

Our exceptional faculty provide students with excellent classroom instruction and exciting, hands-on opportunities for basic and applied research in the field.

Students also receive one-on-one guidance from their faculty advisor to customize a course of study in order to meet their specific employment and educational goals.

Our advanced resources and facilities help students delve deeper into research and creative activity.

Our graduates find rewarding careers in a variety of fields and have proven time and again that a degree from our college brings big things within reach.

There is one destination for every journey. We're happy to give you the support you need to build the future of your dreams.

Why choose an Animal Science Degree?

"Because its the one area we are seeing growth in employment opportunities. Illinois ranks fourth in pig production. It ranks second in soybeans and corn production. That's why the Midwest is the place we grow most of the things we consume. It's because of what we have. If you want to learn about it, you better go to the place where they are doing it. SIU is an excellent choice."

- Gary Apgar, Associate Professor, College of Agricultural Sciences, SIU

100% acceptance rate for Vet School!

"Last year we had seven of our graduates from the Pre-Veterinary Medicine and Science specialization apply for vet school. They all were admitted to 14 different vet schools across the US. That is a 100% acceptance rate which is unheard of. It really speaks well of our students and the education they received here at SIU."

- Gary Apgar, Associate Professor, College of Agricultural Sciences, SIU